Erase Temp - Revision History

v3.5.4.0, 2022-08-20

  • Minor fixes.
  • Using .Net framework 4.8.

v3.5.3.3, 2019-02-22

  • Minor fixes.
  • Using .Net framework 4.7.2.

v3.5.3.0, 2015-04-06

  • /HideDetails - Does not display information about files.
  • /SubFolders supports multiple paths, separated by '|'.
  • /Silent skips unnecessary screen updates.
  • TestMode more visible.
  • Clear output after 10000 lines.
  • Changed tooltiptext for PushPin.
  • Using .Net framework 4.5.1.

v3.5.1.11, 2014-02-15

  • /DelayClose - Delays automatic closing.
  • Added options to run EraseTemp at startup.
  • /Path support multiple paths, separated by '|'.
  • Improved error messages.
  • Ouput displays why a file is not removed.
  • Exit Code set if something goes wrong.

v3.5.0.6, 2012-02-26

  • Code cleanup.
  • Small internal fixes.

v3.5.0.0, 2010-08-21

  • Using .Net framework 4.
  • RegEx functions matches filenames and not full path.
  • First run is now automatically in test mode.
  • TMP is now a valid Temp folder name.

v3.4.6.2, 2010-03-14

  • New switch: /KeepRegEx Keeps the files that matches the RegEx

v3.4.5.0, 2009-12-06

  • Two new switches: /NoUpdateCheck, /NoDisclaimer

v3.4.3.1, 2009-09-21

  • Minor adjustment to better support different text sizes.

V3.4.3.0 2009-08-23

  • Minor updates to support Windows 7.

V3.4.1.3 2009-02-01

  • Check for new version is now possible through a proxy.

V3.4.1.0 2008-04-07

  • /RegEx - Delete the files that matches the RegEx.

V3.4.0.0 2008-02-05

  • /FilesToKeep - Keeps the newest files in each subdirectory.
  • Start using VB9.
  • Code cleanup.

V3.3.1.17 2007-04-22

  • Check for valid date.
  • New menu.
  • Code cleanup.

V3.3.1.12 2006-06-21

  • /HideSkipped - Hides the names of skipped files.
  • /KeepReadOnly works for folders to.

V3.3.1.10 2006-06-01

  • Fixes errors regarding many files and South African regional settings.

V3.3.1.8 2006-03-15

  • No more .manifest file. This helps for 64bit operating systems.

V3.3.1.7 2006-03-09

  • Logs to the Windows Evenlog (under application).
  • Log any error to the Eventlog.
  • Works when you run it as a service or scheduled task and not logged in.

V3.3.0.1 2006-01-10

  • Now uses .Net framework 2.0.
  • Much faster to run.

V3.2.3.1 2005-08-27

  • C:\Temp is not automatically cleaned if found in default mode.

V3.2.3.0 2005-03-05

  • The following switches have been added: /LogDate, /NoClose and /KeepFolders

V3.2.2.0 2005-01-24

  • /Log Adds the ability to get a log of deleted files.

V3.2.1.3 2004-12-01

  • Fixes for Win9X.

V3.2.1.1 2004-10-25

  • Fixed a nasty bug that if a falty path was provided the program deleted the wrong files!

V3.2.1.0 2004-10-03

  • Now with /Test swtich to test how the program would work, but will not delete any files.

V3.2.0.4 2003-04-27

  • Now uses .Net V1.1 (yes you will need to download a new .Net redist).
  • New switch /IgnoreLastAccessed. This makes the program only look at modified date.
  • More information about skipped and not deleted files.

V3.1.1.5 2003-03-15

  • Support for more information in version checking.
  • Minor internal changes

V3.1.1.3 2003-01-12

  • The problem that the program sticks in memory are hopefully fixed now.

V3.1.1.0 2002-11-24

  • The program used two timers, they are now gone!
  • The cleaning thread now has a slightly lower priority, just to behave nicely.

v3.1.0.6, 2002-10-02

  • Minor changes in version check.

v3.1.0.5, 2002-10-01

  • The /? switch works again
  • We have introduced a NodeSoftID in the Registry. This is used in the updatecheck. (We are just curious how many installations we have of our programs. It's just a random number.)

v3.1.0.4, 2002-07-22

  • Better version check.

v3.1.0.3, 2002-07-22

  • More support for WinXP.

v3.1.0.2, 2002-07-16

  • Display summary better.
  • Background processing.
  • (Monthly) updates performed in a better manner.

v3.0.0.1, 2002-07-06

  • Displays the OS info correct.

v3.0.0.0, 2002-06-27

  • Re-written in

v2.08.01, 2002-06-25

  • Can check for latest version (automatically)

v2.07.00, 2001-12-19

  • Can now erase empty subdirectories in a specified folder. Not recursive (i.e. will only look in one level).

v2.06.05, 2001-10-01

  • First release on internet

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