IIS Logfile Analyser

I always wanted to know how many visitors I've had on my website.

So I created this program that will read IIS log files (only W3C format).



It will give statistics/information on:

  • How many hits all zip files that you have (or any other file that you specify)
  • How many visitors you have per day, week, hour
  • Where your visitors where just before they went to your site (referrers).
  • How many pages each visitor is looking at.
  • How many different values you have per query value (for ASP and other)

I did not create any installation kit for this program.
Please let me know if you want one, and I will create one, if more than 1% of you want to have an installation kit.

You will need to have .net framework installed.
You can get this from windowsupdate or from MSDN Downloads.


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3 of 5 by snapfiles.com


The tool is completely free!

The No Design Software Team

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