IIS Logfile Analyser - Revision History

v2.6.0.0, 2005-02-07

  • New function: Vistors per day per page.

v2.5.1.0, 2003-10-30

  • It's now possible to remove files from the filelist.
  • Some small error reporting added.

v2.5.0.0, 2003-03-21

  • Completely rewritten.
  • Faster.
  • Easier to configure.
  • More possibilities to filter what you want.
  • Removed the nslookup functionality

v2.2.2.2, 2002-10-07

  • Better support for filter hitcounter.

v2.2.2.1, 2002-09-18

  • Better support for referrers.
  • More support for WinXP.

v2.2.1.0, 2002-07-02

  • Changed to manual update of the listview (result box).
  • Now use ThreadPooling when doing nslookups (to increase speed of the program)

v2.1.2, 2002-06-19

  • Fixed the export function.
  • Minor bugfix

v2.1.1, 2002-06-18

  • Rewrote the entire application, added new functions, and changed language to VB.net. And also changed the name of the application.

v1.01.01, 2001-10-20

  • First release on internet.

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