Erase Temp

EraseTemp is a utility that automatically deletes old temporary files from your computer.

After helping people with computer problems I discovered that many computers had a lot of old temporary files.
This wastes space on your hard drives and could be a stability problem.


One solution to this can be to just delete them in Autoexec.bat but some installations depend on files in the Temp directory to finalize an installation. A simple delete could make these apps to stop working. That’s why we started working on EraseTemp.

If you just run the application it deletes everything older than one day in the Temp folder(s).
It looks in you personal Temp folder in Documents and Settings and the Temp folder in the Windows folder.
It also removes old dump files by default.
You can also use EraseTemp to delete old files, any number of days old, in any folder.

Here are the command line arguments:

EraseTemp.exe [/Temp] [/Dump] [/Path:"C:\Temp"] [/Path:"C:\Temp|D:\Clean Me"] [/SubFolders:"C:\Download"] [/SubFolders:"C:\Download|C:\Download2"] [/Days:2] [/FilesToKeep:3] [/KeepFolders] [/KeepReadOnly] [/NoSub] [/IgnoreLastAccessed] [/HideSkipped] [/HideDetails] [/RegEx:".*\.txt"] [/KeepRegEx:".*\.txt"] [/Log:"C:\Log.txt" [/LogDate]] [/Minimized] [/Silent] [/NoClose] [/DelayClose:10] [/NoUpdateCheck] [/NoDisclaimer] [/Test] [/?]

/Temp Erase the default TEMP Directory (Default)
/Dump Erase dump and DrWatson files (Default)
/Path Erase a specific directory (or list of folders separated by |)
/SubFolders Removes emtpy subdirectories (or list of folders separated by |)
/Days Days to keep (1 is default)
/FilesToKeep Files to keep in each folder (0 is default)
/KeepFolders Keeps subfolders but deletes the files (not for /SubFolders)
/KeepReadOnly Keeps read only files and folders
/NoSub Don't delete files in subfolders
/IgnoreLastAccessed Only looks at last modified
/HideSkipped Does not display skipped files
/HideDetails Does not display information about files
/RegEx Delete only the files that matches the RegEx
/KeepRegEx Keeps the files that matches the RegEx
/Log Logs the names of the deleted files
/LogDate Adds date to the logfile
/Minimized Run minimized
/Silent No output to the screen
/NoClose Don't close the program automatically
/DelayClose Delay (in seconds) before closing the program automatically
/NoUpdateCheck Override update check setting
/NoDisclaimer No warning on first run
/Test Test mode, nothing will be deleted
/? This information

I did not create any installation kit for this program.
Please let me know if you want one, and I will create one, if more than 1% of you want to have an installation kit.

You will need to have .net framework installed.
You can get this from windowsupdate or from MSDN Downloads.

If you are wondering if it will contain any spyware etc, It doesn't. But don't take just our word for it:

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The tool is completely free!

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