MP3 Rename - Revision History

v8.3.2.1, 2014-02-15

  • Minor change to work better on larger text sizes.

v8.3.2.0, 2009-12-06

  • Fixed crash that could occur during rename.

v8.3.1.0, 2007-04-22

  • Fix writing ID3 Tags so it works both with Windows and iTunes.

v8.3.0.1, 2005-04-19

  • ID3 v2.2 fix.
  • RenamingRules in Unicode.
  • Advanced Renaming: New option: Move/copy text.
  • Spelling correction, and other GUI improvements.

v8.2.1.0, 2005-03-31

  • ID3 Track fix.
  • Preview bugfix.

v8.2.0.0, 2005-02-07

  • Possible to see current ID3 info in files.
  • Improved GUI.

v8.1.0.1, 2005-01-25

  • Now supports ID3 v2.2.0 and 2.4.0 (2.3.0 was supported before).
  • Smaller GUI.
  • "Example" function improved: Now previews the selected file, instead of the first file.

v8.0.1.0, 2003-05-15

  • Completely rewritten, as I had troubles to add new features due to bad code.
  • Faster
  • Better preview, and now with examples
  • New features, like Advanced renaming.
  • Support for Unicode ID3 tags.
  • Better support for Track numbers.

v7.1.5.2, 2002-08-14

  • Version Check is now done in a better way.

v7.1.5.1, 2002-07-22

  • WinXP style on all pages (in WinXP of course).
  • Small visual modification

v7.1.5.0, 2002-07-20

  • Finally WinXP style (in WinXP of course).
  • Right-click now works to clear the list.

v7.1.4.0, 2002-07-16

  • Check for updates are perfomed in a better manner.
  • The correct icon is used (minor cosmetics).

v7.1.2.0, 2002-07-11

  • Rewritten in VB.Net.
  • Preview and Undo (for non compressed files).
  • "Artist Names.txt" are now also used when extracting the ID3 Tag.
  • Several bug fixes

v6.00.06, 2002-06-29

  • Can check for latest updates.
  • Minor bugfix.

v6.00.04, 2002-02-02

  • Changed the layout of the program.

v6.00.03, 2001-12-18

  • Now has the ability to insert/update ID3 v2 tags based on filename.

v5.02.12, 2001-10-15

  • Speed optimisation. Some functions are much faster now.

v5.02.08, 2001-10-01

  • First release on internet.

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